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Halim Dunsky, CPCC, ACC
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Halim Dunsky
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My career has spanned more than 40 years in commercial software, consulting, corporate IT, education, and community organizations. I have held a wide variety of leadership and technical positions in large global corporations, small organizations, and startups. I have started a consultancy and a small non-profit and co-founded a graduate school in Green Business.

I served as Steward of the Agile Coaching Institute, a global adult learning organization known for transformative education, teaching professional coaching and facilitation to coaches and stakeholders of Agile teams. I spearheaded integration of the Institute into an acquiring 450,000-person consulting firm, enhancing one of the most effective Agile Coaching programs available. I was a faculty member in the program and guided the business of the Institute. 


For over 11 years at premier Agile consultancy SolutionsIQ, I focused on the world of software and business agility, and for the last several years of my tenure served on the SIQ leadership team. I helped shape large Agile adoption and organizational change programs, trained coaches and coached teams, and used Scrum, Kanban, and Lean for process improvement with clients and internally. I was primary author of the first SIQ Agile Transformation Solution.

I have been certified as a Global Leadership Profile Coach and Debriefer by Global Leadership Associates. I have been trained and certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute, and I hold an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification from the International Coach Federation. In 2002 I completed a Master’s in Organizational Systems at Saybrook University, with a thesis on transitions in consciousness. I am a graduate of the CTI Leadership program.

I hold numerous business and software certifications including the CSP from Scrum Alliance and multiple certifications in Team Coaching, Enterprise Coaching, and Leadership from ICAgile. I was an invited speaker for the 2014 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and have been a webinar presenter in Agile methods and a conference presenter at Agile2010, Agile Open Northwest (multiple years), and Growth Edge Network Gathering 2021.

I have lived my adult life at the meeting place of the world of organizations and the world of spirituality. I have a lifetime of practice in inner work and spiritual traditions including Subud, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, Authentic Movement, Sufism, the Dances of Universal Peace, and the Diamond Approach. I believe in the wisdom of the heart and of the body, and am dedicated to ongoing inquiry and discovery in my own life. 

Today I am a coach, consultant, teacher, musician, and poet, with a wonderful family of three daughters and five grandchildren.

I look forward to meeting you.