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Full Presence Coaching

Developing Individuals and Organizations

Halim Dunsky, CPCC, ACC
Co-Active and Developmental Coach





What's at stake as you work toward these outcomes?

My work is to support you on that journey.

Full Presence Coaching uniquely blends deep adult development expertise with a seasoned perspective on business and software agility, built with decades of experience in IT and Agile change and business leadership.

We help organizations unlock leadership talent and end-to-end flow at all levels, supporting employee engagement and retention and liberating the collaborative, creative power and resonance of the organization.

Full Presence Coaching brings heart, wisdom, and vision to the challenges of this complex and chaotic world.

Meet Halim

Meet Halim

Halim Dunsky

My career has spanned more than 40 years in commercial software, consulting, corporate IT, education, and community organizations. I have held a wide variety of leadership and technical positions in large global corporations, small organizations, and startups. I have started a consultancy and a small non-profit and co-founded a graduate school in Green Business.

I served as Steward of the Agile Coaching Institute, a global adult learning organization known for transformative education, teaching professional coaching and facilitation to coaches and stakeholders of Agile teams. I spearheaded integration of the Institute into an acquiring 450,000-person consulting firm, enhancing one of the most effective Agile Coaching programs available. I was a faculty member in the program and guided the business of the Institute. 


For over 11 years at premier Agile consultancy SolutionsIQ, I focused on the world of software and business agility, and for the last several years of my tenure served on the SIQ leadership team. I helped shape large Agile adoption and organizational change programs, trained coaches and coached teams, and used Scrum, Kanban, and Lean for process improvement with clients and internally. I was primary author of the first SIQ Agile Transformation Solution.

I have been certified as a Global Leadership Profile Coach and Debriefer by Global Leadership Associates. I have been trained and certified as a Co-Active Coach (CPCC) by the Co-Active Training Institute, and I hold a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification from the International Coach Federation. In 2002 I completed a Master’s in Organizational Systems at Saybrook University, with a thesis on transitions in consciousness. I am a graduate of the CTI Leadership program.

I hold numerous business and software certifications including the CSP from Scrum Alliance and multiple certifications in Team Coaching, Enterprise Coaching, and Leadership from ICAgile. I was an invited speaker for the 2014 Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference and have been a webinar presenter in Agile methods and a conference presenter at Agile2010, Agile Open Northwest (multiple years), and Growth Edge Network Gathering 2021.

I have lived my adult life at the meeting place of the world of organizations and the world of spirituality. I have a lifetime of practice in inner work and spiritual traditions including Subud, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, Authentic Movement, Sufism, the Dances of Universal Peace, and the Diamond Approach. I believe in the wisdom of the heart and of the body, and am dedicated to ongoing inquiry and discovery in my own life. 

Today I am a coach, consultant, teacher, musician, and poet, with a wonderful family of three daughters and five grandchildren.

I look forward to meeting you.

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