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Agile Transformation Leaders Network

Have you ever faced a challenge and wondered,
“How do other organizations deal with this?”

What could you learn from a network of peers who grapple with similar challenges?

The Agile Transformation Leaders Network is a professional learning community where you’ll meet and easily build relationships with others who are improving Agile outcomes in their organizations.

Develop insights and find out what works – and accelerate your organization’s Agile journey.

The Network, founded in 2019, offers a proven model for peer learning. It will support you to build relationships in the context of relevant, timely learning conversations. Ten two-hour sessions per year, with ongoing Slack connection, provide a mix of guest speaker and facilitated, peer-led activities. Each cohort is limited in size and contains members selected from noncompeting industries.

  • Learn from select expert speakers and peer-led exploration sessions

  • Share experiences and solutions to organizational, and technical Agile transformation issues

  • Engage in a supportive space for collaborative inquiry and reflection

  • Make new connections with peers who face similar challenges

  • Gain an inside view of one another’s real-life work situations and perspectives

  • Form a circle of friends/advisors you can talk with candidly at low risk

“Having a trusted group of like-minded, smart, authentic, inspiring professional leaders coming together on a consistent basis for learning is a unique opportunity that I prioritize highly. I have not only grown in my own knowledge, but can see the benefits extending to my team and peers. Worth the investment of budget and time!”

— Dalene Charley, Director, Application Development

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Current ATLN members are improving agility at many of the world's leading companies:

Members guide the selection of discussion topics. 2022 sessions included:

  • Creating Alignment for Transformation

  • Leadership Agility

  • Leading With Empathy

  • Planning, Forecasting, and Capacity Management

  • Project to Product - Product Organization

  • Project to Product - PxM Roles and Career Development

  • Remote Facilitation (Six Thinking Hats)

  • Scaling Alternatives to SAFe

  • Scaling Coaching Capacity

  • Selling Technical Practices to Leadership

  • The Yin and Yang of Managing Complex Technical Projects

Download the

Imagine the opportunity to freely explore topics like these with people who are doing just what you are doing – managing the challenges of Agile transformations.

What insights could add to your knowledge? What expertise could you share?

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