Executive Coaching

The Value of Executive Coaching

Executive coaching represents a deliberate investment in the important over the urgent. It is “working on the system” and not just “working in the system.”

High-performing leaders inspire and empower, supporting employee engagement and retention and liberating the collaborative, creative power of the organization. Beyond the power of command and control, mature leaders can deploy the power of vision, of collaborative inquiry, of alignment and integrity, of feedback seeking and vulnerability.

Executive coaching unlocks leadership potential in senior management and at any level of the organizational structure. Regardless of positional authority, leadership at all levels is the driving engine of organizational responsiveness and evolution. 

High-performing leaders develop exceptional maturity. They build cognitive capacities such as systems thinking, perspective-taking, and dealing with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty. Behavioral qualities such as transparency, empowerment, respect, empathy, collaboration, adaptability, creativity over defensiveness, and productive approach to conflict are also key. The leader learns to self-manage in the face of being obstructed or triggered, and learns to prevent their creativity from being sidelined by defensive patterns.

The Process of Executive Coaching

Coaching is a whole-person process that works at the coachee’s developmental edges and is responsive to the coachee’s agenda. It supports the coachee to live into their greatest vision for themselves, to deepen their self-understanding, broaden their perspectives, and build skills, direction, and self-accountability to move into effective, committed, and responsive action.

The coach offers a considered mix of support and challenge, questioning, listening, and feedback.

Coaching requires the active, committed engagement of the coachee and a stable coaching relationship over a period of time. We recommend an initial series of 12 individual sessions over a period of six months, with customized homework between sessions and regular review of learning outcomes. Sessions are 50 minutes and are conducted remotely by phone or Zoom.

Complete individual confidentiality is maintained. Coaching can provide an effective and safe sounding board for exploring new possibilities.

The work can include Agile mentoring for those who are looking for professional development in that space.

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