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As a seasoned Agile change leader with decades of IT and business experience, I support organizations in unlocking leadership agility at all levels to build organizational responsiveness, creativity, and performance.

Applying insights from vertical development and the Agile mindset, I guide clients with small experiments toward larger objectives, generating high engagement and rapid feedback. Training the attention to both internal and external factors, this develops habits of continuous learning and adaptation based on experience. 

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of working with Full Presence Coaching

Integrating the inner game and the outer game

Driving to outcomes with a balance of inquiry, introspection, timely action, and focused desire to succeed

If You're New to Executive Coaching...

Executive coaching unlocks leadership potential in senior management and at any level of the organizational structure.

Regardless of positional authority, leadership at all levels is the driving engine of organizational evolution.

High-performing leaders must develop the exceptional maturity needed to deal with today’s fast-changing world:

  • ​​Cognitive capabilities such as systems thinking, perspective-taking, and dealing with complexity, ambiguity, and uncertainty

  • Behavioral qualities such as transparency, empowerment, respect, empathy, collaboration, and adaptability

  • Leading with creativity rather than defensiveness, and applying productive approaches to conflict

  • Going beyond the power of command and control to the power of vision, collaborative inquiry, alignment, integrity, feedback seeking and vulnerability

  • Showing up with the presence and authenticity required for productive relationships with team members, stakeholders, and customers.

High-performing leaders inspire and empower, supporting employee engagement and retention and liberating the collaborative, creative power and resonance of the organization.

Coaching supports the leader to deepen their self-understanding and broaden their perspectives. The coachee builds skills, direction, and self-accountability to move into effective, committed, and responsive action.​

Complete individual confidentiality is maintained. Coaching can provide an effective and safe sounding board for exploring new possibilities.

The work can include Agile mentoring for those who are looking for professional development in that space.

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