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Halim's approach is emergent, responsive, available, present. There's a precision and a creativity in the way he invites discovery. I feel safe and I trust his capacity to hold me accountable to my own honesty. Halim invites me to go deep, and I trust the process and the relational field.
I welcome what's unfolding.

J.R., Seattle, WA

As I wrestled with unprecedented company changes and personal roadblocks, I needed something that really spoke to me. Halim offered an approach that uncovered my own ability to trust myself even in moments of discomfort or crisis. He approached every conversation fearlessly and with empathy and gave that same courage to me; my explorations with him felt new and refreshing, I came away with valuable insights every time. Ultimately, Halim helped me discover the strength and skill in myself that I needed to tackle difficult leadership challenges, a toolset that continues to pay dividends every day.

C.C., Seattle, WA

I've respected Halim from afar for several years now and was always impressed by his wisdom, business acumen, and integrity. When I heard he also did personal coaching, I leapt at the opportunity to have his incisiveness work for me. After several months I can confidently say that was one of the very best decisions I've ever made. Our sessions are super-fun and also super-productive. With great questions at exactly the right moment, he helps me tap into my own wisdom and arrive at excellent decisions. Very highly recommended!

J.C.R., Bellevue, WA

Halim's presence, intuition, seeing ability, depth, love,'s all there. So refreshing! I appreciate Halim's capacity to jump right in and engage so authentically and empathically.

J.B., Sunnyvale, CA

Halim is a patient, insightful, and responsive coach. I first benefited from Halim’s help as a colleague in an informal setting. Halim detected that something unspoken was troubling me. He carefully and caringly probed, leading me to discover that a challenge with one of my consulting clients had been deeply and negatively impacting my emotional state. Thanks to Halim’s thoughtful questions I was able to disentangle myself and return to my client the following week with renewed energy, hope, and resourcefulness. I was able to lead my client to a radical recovery from a highly fraught situation, regaining my personal power and ambition in the process.


When the opportunity arose to have Halim as my Co-Active coach a year and a half later, I jumped at the chance, and have continually benefited from our sessions. Working with Halim has multiplied my effectiveness many times over. This has not only improved my own personal life and career, it has had tangible ripple effects on my family, friends, and professional clients.

T.B., Franklin, TN

Halim's centering presence has been a much-needed touchstone for me amid the swirl of life changes. Halim helped me reach new depths of self-discovery and growth by asking powerful questions and listening with a level of care and interest that made me feel seen and, in turn, helped me to see myself with new eyes. His wisdom and compassion shine through in every conversation: he has the rare ability to encourage self-reflection and self-improvement without judgement. It's clear that he is delighted to be part of his clients' journey and believes deeply in each person's potential for growth and fulfillment. I know that I'm much farther along my own path because Halim was my coach. Thank you Halim. I hope to be back working with you soon!!

K.M., San Francisco, CA

Halim has been truly inspirational in my life. He has helped me discover my inner calling and my opportunity potential through his powerful coaching. His presence, powerful questions, compassion, and a warm heart have made me feel valued. Halim's coaching on self-reflection and improvement are cornerstones for me as I bring them to life with myself and with my family members. I look forward to continued coaching with Halim as I navigate the future course of my life. Thank you, Halim, for being there and shining the light for me!

R.S., Fremont, CA

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