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Build agility, collaboration, and systemic awareness through advancing leadership.

The Global Leadership Profile is a psychometric instrument from the field of psychology known as Vertical Development. It provides a grounded assessment of each participant's current framework of thinking and explores some of the mindsets and paradigms through which they – or you – make meaning, understand, and engage with the world:

  • how you deploy your attention in the midst of work

  • the fundamental assumptions that shape your daily plans, decisions, and actions

  • transforming what you attend to and how you attend to it.

The GLP profiles the participant within a range of seven developmental stages, or “action-logics.” 

For more than fifty years, research has consistently demonstrated that leaders who grow through multiple action-logics evolve greater capacity to influence transformation at the personal, team, and organizational levels.

The profile is scored and validated by experts at Global Leadership Associates, who also write a personalized commentary for each participant, which includes individualized strategy recommendations. The report and a debriefing session conducted by the Full Presence coach provide powerful boost to the self-awareness that is essential for ongoing development.

“The GLP report and debrief were enlightening, fascinating. I learned more in one day than I would have in a whole year. I now have a deep and systemic view of my leadership qualities and a clear path for continuing to grow as a leader.”

— N.C., Boston, MA


  1. Assessment. Participant responds to a set of 30 sentence stems using an online form, which takes a suggested hour or less. 

  2. Self-assessment. Participant receives a written introduction to the action-logics and a simple tool to self-assess their prior, current, and emerging developmental stages. Optional: participant also gathers feedback from selected colleagues or others.

  3. Receive report. The stem completions are professionally scored and validated, and a detailed, individualized written report is provided to each participant.

  4. Debrief. Participant receives a 90-minute debrief with the Full Presence coach.

  5. Follow-on coaching (optional). Ongoing developmental work is best supported with follow-on coaching.

Truly effective leaders must be capable of challenging their own assumptions, openly inquiring into the perspectives of others, seeking feedback, and providing servant leadership.

These skills are developmentally based.