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Who Is That Man, and Why Is He Standing on His Head?

William R. Torbert is one of the senior names in the field of adult (vertical) development. Now mostly retired, Bill has published what he says is his final book, Numbskull in the Theatre of Inquiry: Transforming Self, Friends, Organizations, and Social Science.

This is not just a memoir but a concise summary and practical illustration of the major models comprising Torbert’s life work. More, it is a fascinating exploration of what love, inquiry, power, community, capacity, and purpose can look like as they evolve in richness along the developmental journey that is available to us all. Highly recommended for anyone — academic, consultant, or otherwise — who is interested in adult and organizational development as articulated, practiced, and studied by one of the progenitors of this field. Take an opportunity for a ride-along and meeting with this remarkable man as he unpacks his life experience for your contemplation and his own.

To read my complete review of the book, as published in Organization Development Review, download the pdf:

ODReview_vol53_no5-Dunsky Book Review
Download PDF • 728KB

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