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Agile Manifesto Exercises

Agile Manifesto Exercises

How are you doing on the Values and Principles? Here are a pair of exercises you can do with a group remotely or in person. Pool your collective intelligence and move to first improvement steps.

Values Exercise

Values Poster

Values Exercise Instructions

Principles Exercise

Principles Poster

Principles Exercise Instructions

Scrum. Kanban, and Scrum

A Case for Scrumban

What do Scrum and Kanban have in common and how do they differ? In what situations does each work best? What are mixed and blended designs?

Scrumban Blend Designer

A guide to blending features of Scrum and Kanban for specific teams

Scrum-Kanban Selector

A guide to choosing Scrum or Kanban for teams in specific workflows


Domains of Agile Scaling Exercise

Domains Poster

Domains Exercise Instructions

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